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Passover Cleaning

Pesach Cleaning HOME CLEAN HOME is providing the Jewish community with passover cleaning for over 14 years. A team of bounded, insured, uniformed and trained professionals offer unparalleled cleaning services. We use our own all natural supplies and equipment, to clean each home "CHUMETZ-FREE" - from top to bottom.

In preparation for pesach, we will take apart, clean, and put back together the whole house. From scouring the kitchen to vacuming, from flipping mattresses to cleaning under and behind, we will even shake the "Seforim" and clothes pockets. The HCH crew will pack away all the Chometz, and check with a white glove and Q-tip all of your kitchen cabinets, stove, oven and fridge to make sure that there are no trace of Chumetz. When we are done the house will look and smell cleaner and fresher than it ever was. The only thing left to do is cooking.

We offer our Pesach Cleaning services in the New York Metro area.

For more information please go to our extensive FAQ section.

Please call Nechama at 718-627-5781 or send us your inquiry to find out more about our Passover Cleaning services.

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