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Floor Stripping and Waxing

Proper floor maintenance is done in three steps:

Stripping floors- removing the top coating of wax or any other built up. Without proper maintenance, vinyl and linoleum floors lose their sheen; develop wax buildup and an unsightly yellow discoloration. By stripping the floors, we remove all the grime.

Sealing- after stripping the floor they must be sealed, with a high-quality sealer and then, buff the surface to a sparkling shine. This sealer and gloss finish will extend the wear of your floor, reduce marks and scratches and guard against soil penetration and abrasion.

Waxing - Floor Finish that gives your floors a deep, rich, protective glow Waxing floors protects, and shines your floors.

We use premium product that was specifically formulated for gloss and durability in high traffic areas.

For more information please go to our extensive FAQ section.

Please call 718-627-5781 or send us your inquiry to find out more about our Floor Stripping and Waxing services.

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