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» What areas do you cover?
» Are you insured?
» Are your cleaners insured?
» What kind of services do you provide?
» Will I have the same cleaner every week?
» Is there a minimum number of hours per visit?
» Can I have a cleaner for an hour per visit?
» Can I have a cleaner once a month?
» How do you vet your cleaners?
» How long will it take you to find me a cleaner?
» Can I specify the day of the week the cleaner comes?
» Do you provide transport for the cleaners?
» What happens if the cleaner goes on a holiday? Do you provide a replacement?
» Who pays the cleaner you or I?
» How do you ensure reliability and honesty?
» Can my cleaner come when I am out at work?
» Are there any extra charges I have to pay - transport expenses, holiday money etc.?
» Is there a minimum term contract for using your services?
» Will you be able to provide a cleaner if I move to a different area?
» Do I stil have to pay if I go away for a few weeks?
» Are there any agency fees or charges on top of your rates?
» Who is responsible for providing the cleaning materials and equipment?
» What happens if I am dissatisfied with the service provided by your cleaner?
» Many companies act as introduction agencies only. Do you operate on the same basis?
» Do you guarantee you service?
» How do I pay?
» Is there a minimum charge for your carpet cleaning service?
» What are your working hours?
» How long have you been in business?
» Do your pesach cleaners know what to look for?
Frequently Asked Questions
Do your Pesach cleaners know what to look for?

Our Pesach cleaning experts are trained and know the Halachos and Dinim of Pesach.
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